Wanderley Luxemburgo has revealed his anger over the way he was sacked by Real Madrid last month.

The Brazilian coach believes he was not given a fair chance by the club.

“When I came to Real I brought with me a project, and I thought that in Europe such projects were respected and did not depend on one result,” he said.

“When I was planning I saw the good times and the bad, as happens with other big clubs that have gone on to win championships.

“We were in a bad situation, but I knew that in the next few weeks we would have the whole squad back in training.

“I was sure that the team was going to overcome the current problems and I am very surprised to see that such a big club did not understand these things.

“When I spoke about my track record in Brazil it was to show that I have always come out of bad moments and won things. This would have happened at Madrid as well,” he insisted.

“I am still convinced that we would have won the league because the team was going to improve.

“I was sure in July that we would win at least one of the trophies that we were fighting for and I have always been confident about that throughout my time here.

“I never thought my plans would be cut short in this manner.”

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