Sepp Maier, recently sacked as Germany’s goalkeeping coach following g a withering appraisal of German number 2, Jens Lehmann, has again criticized the Arsenal keeper.

Maier, fired by new Germany manager Juergen Klinsmann for his comments about Lehmann, blamed the keeper for both Panathinaikos goals in Arsenal’s 2-2 Champions League draw in Greece on Wednesday.

Maier believes Bayern Munich keeper Oliver Kahn should be guaranteed the number one spot.

“I can assure you Lehmann will never be Germany’s number one goalkeeper,” said Maier in an interview with Munich’s AZ newspaper.

“Jens had better watch out,” added Maier.

“If he keeps this up he may soon end up being the number three goalkeeper in Germany (also behind Stuttgart’s Timo Hildebrand).”

On his appointment as German national coach, Klinsmann announced that Kahn was no longer automatic first choice for the national team.