Manchester United chief executive David Gill has denied claims that Europe’s leading clubs want to break away from Uefa and form their own league.

He told Radio Five Live’s Sportsweek: “I can categorically deny Manchester United or any other club in Europe has any interest in forming our own league.

“We are very comfortable with Uefa running the Champions League. It is the best competition in the world.”

Gill said clubs would like a return to 17 European games rather than 13 which would involve a return to a second group phase.

Gill added: “We are looking at how we can return from 13 to 17 match days.

“We weren’t happy when it was reduced three years ago and we would like it to go back up to that level.

“The problem of the international calendar has never been solved and we want to look at it and have a dialogue.”

Gill was happy to play down speculation concerning a breakaway competition.

He said: “Uefa are a key body in European football and they put on a fantastic event.

“You need someone to organise a competition and the clubs don’t want to do that.

“Our skills are putting on a good show at our grounds, buying and selling players and commercialising our income.

“We have no interest in running the competition.”

Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry added: “It has never been on the agenda or been discussed.

“I just think it is an attempt to muddy the waters and try and detract away from the real issues.”

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