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England’s League Managers Association (LMA) have condemned a BBC investigation into alleged bungs to coaches, saying the programme had no evidence to back up its claims.

Tuesday’s Panorama programme suggested that 18 unnamed past and present Premier League managers had received the payments or “bungs” from transfers, with two agents claiming Bolton manager Sam Allardyce had taken them.

Allardyce has denied any wrongdoing, while Bolton said it was “reviewing the Panorama programme carefully”.

“As the organisation which represents professional football managers in this country, we were very disappointed with the BBC Panorama programme screened last night,” the LMA said.

“There was a complete lack of substance and evidence to the pre-programme assertions and claims which were being made.

“If the BBC has any hard evidence then it should hand that evidence to The Football Association and Lord Stevens.”

John Stevens has been leading a Premier League inquiry into allegations of ‘bungs’ and is expected to deliver the findings on October 2.

The LMA added that it “supports any full and thorough investigation into these issues and welcomes the publication of the Lord Stevens report in the near future.

“If there is any evidence of financial misconduct within football then let it be brought out into the open and the guilty parties treated accordingly.”

Frank Clark, the vice-chairman of the LMA, told Sky Sports News: “Let the relevant authorities deal with it because at the moment every manager is tainted with the accusation.

“There’s a widespread misconception that all managers are on the take and until this thing is properly resolved, that is not going to go away. It’s very disappointing.”

For Premiership, Champions League, Uefa Cup and Football League odds click here.