Internazionale coach Roberto Mancini has complained about the performance of the referee Matteo Trefoloni after his side’s 1-1 draw with Lazio.

Lazio claimed a point with a controversial late equaliser from Leonardo Jose Talamonti.

Mancini was furious at the award of a free kick which led to the goal after Adriano was deemed to have fouled Talamonti.

“I really don’t know what foul he saw for the free kick that led to the goal,” said Mancini.

“He blew for a non-existent challenge and has to learn how to referee a game properly.

“I know I’ll probably be fined or even suspended for saying those things to the referee, but I really don’t care.

“Lazio practically made nothing and I’m sorry for the team and for the supporters who are disappointed.”