Inter coach Roberto Mancini, has revealed he will leave Italian football when his time at the Serie A club ends.

Mancini was speaking after two of his players were attacked by angry Inter fans at Malpensa airport as they returned from Saturday’s Serie A win at Ascoli.

“This matter has speeded up my plans to go abroad – when I finish with Inter I will leave Italy, that’s a certainty,” Mancini said.

“Playing and enjoying yourself, which is what the game is all about, is no longer possible. You can’t win or lose and think only about what happens on the field, unfortunately if you lose you have to think about other things as well,” he added.

Mancini, whose position is under scrutiny following Inter’s Champions League elimination by Spain’s Villarreal last week, said he was not about to walk away just yet.

“For my part, there is still the desire to carry on,” he continued.

“I do it because I like this sport and enjoy being out on the field with the players – I don’t do it for money as some have said. Passion is the motivation that pushes me,” he said.

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