Mario Balotelli apologises for outburst

Milan striker Mario Balotelli has apologised to his team-mates and the club’s fans for his red card after Saturday’s 2-1 defeat by Napoli.

He was sent off for using “intimidating and insulting” words to referee Luca Banti and now serves a three-match ban.

“I am sorry for my team-mates,” the 23-year-old told Gazzetta dello Sport.  “They train and work hard with me. What I did hasn’t helped our cause.

“I also feel guilty for the fans, who care so much for the team.”

Not a word about the referee, who according to reports, Balotelli threatened to kill.

However the former Manchester City striker added: “I made a mistake when I was provoked… but I’m not going to apologise to everyone. It’s not as if I killed someone.”

Not, that’s true, you just threatened to do kill someone.