Quote of the Day

“Rooney I am sure would get in any squad that will be in Brazil – he is one of those few special players. I know that Joe Hart is one of the top five goalkeepers in the world – there is no argument about that. He had some games that he would not have been pleased with earlier this season but the best players in the world hit some bad form. Both Rooney and Joe are of the highest quality but once you look past those two I don’t see an obvious player from England that would make the Italy team or even squad.

Italy will meet England on Manaus on June 14, but according to striker  Mario Balotelli the Euro 2012 losing finalists have little to fear.

The worry for England fans is not that there are only 2 players Balotelli thinks good enough to get into Italy’s squad, but that one of them is Joe Hart.

Here’s a highlights reel of Hart’s performances from the past 12 months.