A second match-rigging scandal in German football could turn out to be more serious than the initial investigation suggested.

Prosecutors in Munich were investigating reports that several Bundesliga players, including a German international, had been involved with a betting ring.

“At the moment we can’t say whether there is something to it or not,” a spokesman for the Munich prosecutors said of the reports by Bavarian television.

“We are collecting information before deciding whether to open preliminary proceedings.”

German World Cup organising committee president Franz Beckenbauer said he did not believe a player for the national team could be involved.

“I cannot imagine that,” Beckenbauer said.

“They should earn enough money to stay away from adventures like that.

“But no matter whether it is true or not, things like these always have a destructive effect,” added the former World Cup-winning captain and coach.

In the programme an unidentified man claimed to have attended a meeting between members of a betting ring and an unnamed Bundesliga player.

“I was personally at one of those meetings and a Bundesliga player said: “We will lose tomorrow.” Then he placed 10,000 euros against his team,” the man said.

Four people were arrested last week after an investigation into alleged match-rigging in the second division and regional league.

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