Philippe Mexes has denied rejecting a move to Manchester United.

Mexes former boss at Auxerre, Guy Roux, claimed United had outbid Roma but the French defender was eventually allowed to move to the Italian capital.

The French international claims Roux’s comments were lies.

“There was only one offer: AS Roma,” he told L’Equipe. “But Auxerre wanted €15 million, almost double what Barcelona paid for Ludovic Giuly, who is an international forward.

“It was incredible.

“I can say it clearly. There was no concrete offer from Manchester United or Chelsea.

“I had a phone call with Alex Ferguson. Manchester told us they signed [Gabriel] Heinze and they were not interested.

“About Chelsea, I got a fax explaining there was no interest in me.

“All what Auxerre said was lies.

“Guy Roux met my parents to tell them I had to sign for Manchester United or Chelsea.

“My parents didn’t know the market. They were worried. I will not forgive him for that.”

The 22-year-old admits he is struggling in Italy.

“When it is not good on a collective level, it can’t be good on an individual level,” he added.

“I can’t be satisfied being good. The team has to win.

“We have a young squad, that is why I wanted to come here.

“Perhaps we will need a transitional year to know each other a little better.

“It is a very difficult league for defenders. I have learnt a lot on the physical and tactical levels.

“However, I have less fun than at Auxerre. It is the most difficult period of my career.”