UEFA president Michel Platini says the time has come for FIFA president Sepp Blatter to stand down.

Blatter was first elected to the role in 1998 and has retained his position for five successive terms. Despite assuring FIFA delegates that he would step down when his current tenure ends the Swiss has confirmed he intends to stand again in 2015. He will be 84 if he completes another five-year term as president.

However, Platini says the image of football’s global governing body has been tarnished by recent scandals and would like to see a fresh face in charge.

“I supported him in 1998 because I think he was the right person,” he told Europe 1. “After five terms, it’s time to have some fresh air and make room for someone else.

“I think the image of FIFA is very, very, very bad and that is why he must stop.”

Platini announced earlier this year that he would not challenge Blatter for the presidency, leaving Jerome Champagne as the 78-year-old’s only current opponent for next year’s election.

Asked who he would back for the election, Platini said none of the two candidates had his preference.

“Neither,” said the 59-year-old. “I hope others will run.

“Another European candidate would have very little chance of winning.”