There has been a mixed reaction to Luis Aragones outburst against Thierry Henry from Spanish newspapers.

Reporters overheard the Spanish coach attempting to motivate Jose Antonio Reyes by describing his club mate, Henry, as “that black shit”.

As was outspoken in its criticism of the national coach, describing Aragones’ words as inappropriate.

“Luis used inappropriate words, more inappropriate still when he was in front of millions of eyes and ears hidden behind the television cameras,” As editor Alfredo Relano wrote.

“I’m aware that Luis is not a racist … but you cannot speak as he spoke. I’m sure he chose his words without any wish to offend … but his obscene, outdated language gives him, and us, a problem.

“A national team coach has a representative role and he has to know this. He must also know that speaking like this is out of order, whether it is in private or in public, whether the cameras are present or not.”

Other newspapers however were prepared to defend Aragones.

“It goes without saying that Aragones’s intention was not to bring racist overtones to the matter,” Spain’s bestselling newspaper Marca wrote.

“The coach expressed himself in his own way, with vehemence, to get the message through loud and clear to Reyes.”

Sport newspaper stressed that the comments was intended to be humorous.

“Out of context, the comment might sound aggressive but everyone understood immediately the tone of humour that Aragones wanted to use to motivate the player,” Sport said.