Inter owner Massimo Moratti, who resigned as club president on Monday, is expected to adopt a low key role at the club.

Moratti quit following Sunday’s humiliating 1-0 home defeat to Empol. Four other board members also tendered their resignations.

Despite quitting his post as president, Moratti insisted he would remain owner of the club even though he has nominated vice-president and former Inter player Giacinto Facchetti to be the club’s new president. However, whiule Facchetti looks likely to inherit the role of president, the real power looks destined to remain with Moratti.

“He will remain the principle point of reference on a financial level and will maintain all responsibility for all economic commitments. But he will be out of the limelight,” said the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Well done Moratti. He should have done it earlier. This way he can follow the path of (Gianni) Agnelli and (Silvio) Berlusconi,” said La Russa