Jose Mourinho believes the Champions League is being undermined by fixture congestion.

The Chelsea coach is demanding a rethink to the tournament schedule after taking his players to France to face PSG later tonight. The game comes just days after a Premier League encounter with Aston Villa, which came four days after back-to-back international fixtures.

“The double-headers at international level are followed by European football the following week in the form of Champions League ties,” said Mourinho.

“There is not one single manager of a club involved in European competition who wouldn’t prefer to be given another week to prepare for the Champions League matches.

“The current schedule sees a number of players facing two matches for their national team, then a Premiership game, followed by the Champions League a few days later. We would prefer it if the Champions League was put back a week.

“It is up to UEFA and we have to accept it but none of the managers of clubs involved in Europe agree with it.

“When the players go away for 10 or 15 days they can get tired, pick up injuries or lose focus. You never know how the players are going to react.”