Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho believes the club will be cleared by Uefa of disrepute charges.

Mourinho, assistant Steve Clarke and official Les Miles were charged over their claims that referee Anders Frisk was unduly influenced by Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard, when the sides met recently in the Champions League.

Mourinho told Portuguese television: “I have the expectation of complete dismissal, complete dismissal.”

If found guilty, Chelsea could be thrown out of the Champions League.

However, Rijkaard says it would be wrong to kick the club out of the competition.

He said: “I don’t want a sanction like that because these are two separate things – Mourinho’s attitude and that of the club.

“My objective is that in the future these types of comments are stopped – those at first which appear not too serious but later a situation takes place as it did with Frisk and which is serious.

“It should be known that famous sports people can manipulate people that do not have sufficient intellect.

Mourinho has been advised not to comment, but added that he would not change his behaviour.

“I have always been this way,” said the former Porto boss. “Sincerely, I don’t want to change and I want to finish up my career 12, 13 years from now at most, I want to finish it up this way.

“That is, to be loved by my own. And right now I am loved by the Chelsea fans and I don’t worry hardly at all about other club’s supporters. That’s the way I am.”

Uefa’s Control and Disciplinary Body will hear Chelsea’s case on 31 March.