Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has continued his war of words with Barcelona ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League match at Stamford Bridge.

The Spanish team lead 2-1 after the first leg, but Mourinho believes the his opponents need to cut down on their diving.

“Barcelona play beautiful football and have a lot of quality so they don’t need to dive so much,” said Mourinho.

“But you have to play better than your opponent, in the first game we didn’t.”

Mourinho also made another dig at referee Anders Frisk, whom the Chelsea coach believes had an undue influence on the first leg.

“The second point is to have a referee who will not influence the result, because in the first game, the referee had a direct influence on the result,” he added.

But Mourinho was quick to play down reports of a developing feud between the two clubs.

“I don’t think there is any ill-feeling between the coaches or the players,” he said.

“They want to get to the quarter-final and we want to do the same.

“They are winning 2-1 and ready to do their best to try and win the tie.

“We are the same. We have to concentrate on ourselves and try to play better and try to play at the level that we normally do.”

Mourinho also hit back at criticism from Uefa that he had tried to influence European football’s governing body into selecting Collina to referee the second leg.

“It is a shame that an institution the size and importance of Uefa has misinterpreted what I said,” added Mourinho.

“I didn’t ask for Collina to referee. What they said was completely untrue.”

However, the Chelsea coach could not resist the opportunity to make another dig at Frisk.

“If you asked me who I would want for this game I would say Anders Frisk,” Mourinho added. “Maybe he would help us the same way he helped [Barcelona].”

Meanwhile, Barca coach Frank Rijkaard said that he was unconcerned by Mourinho’s behaviour.

“I think Mourinho is doing a great job. He is a very successful coach,” said Rijkaard.

“What he said does not annoy me, everyone has the right to say what he wants and act the way he prefers.

“Chelsea are a good side in good form and with good results. We need to prepare carefully.”

But Barca president Joan Laporta has launched a veiled attack on Mourinho ahead of the crunch match.

“Jose Mourino tried to provoke our manager during the last game – but it did not work,” said Laporta.

“Despite such provocation our coach showed he had grace and humility. We are thankful for that, he conducts himself in the right way.”