Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho believes Real Madrid’s current problems are down to an excess of superstar players.

The former Porto coach told Gazzetta dello Sport that the Spanish club lacked ‘medium quality’ performers.

“From what I can tell from a distance, that’s to say not knowing the reality on the inside, Real Madrid are unbalanced,” he stated.

“They have great figures and mediocre players. They are missing players of ‘medium quality’.

“Those players that I call low profile, that offend nobody.”

“They need players who accept being dropped and are always ready to give 100 percent.

“At Chelsea the best example is Geremi. I can ask him to do any job and he is always ready.”

The former Porto coach went on to identify Milan as another side who had struck the right balance of players in their squad.

“On the European scene I also think about Milan: there are big figures, but also (Massimo) Ambrosini, (Kakha) Kaladze, (Jon Dahl) Tomasson, people who will give something solid to the club when you ask them,” he concluded.