Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has admitted he might one day be prepared to coach England.

“Part of me feels like an Englishman now,” he told Time Out magazine.

“If I stay here for five years – up to the end of my contract – I will feel even more English.

“Of course if players spend that amount of time in another country they can change their passport and play for that country. So with six years of loving London and England, I will have something of England in my heart. So I could do it in a professional way and also with my heart.

But he also stressed that he felt the FA should choose an English-born manager when they come to replace Swedish coach Sven Goran Eriksson.

“But I still think it’s really for an English person. And at the moment it’s for Sven who is a top professional,” Mourinho added.

Asked about his long-term ambtions for Chelsea, Mourinho said: “Alex Ferguson is the best answer to that.

“He’s won the Premiership many times but ask him now and he wants to win it more than ever. I’m like that.

“When the new season comes you don’t remember the past you just want to win again.”