Jose Mourinho says he will continue to speak his mind desite coming in for criticism over comments he made before and after the UEFA Champions League tie with Barcelona.

The Chelsea boss launched a scathing attack at those who have questioned his methods, claiming that the criticism he received stemmed from jealousy.

“I’ve been called arrogant, vain and over-bearing, they’ve called me everything,” Mourinho said in The Mirror.

“They can continue to do so, but I will never change and will always continue to call a spade a spade.

“Jealousy is the weapon of the incompetent and frustrated.

“It all makes me rewind the cassette of my life and remind me who I was, how I did it, where I got to, what I have achieved for me and my people and how many times I made the good Portuguese smile.

“In these two weeks during which we played Barcelona, I’ve been able to discover the ‘creepy-crawlies’ who have been hiding and I say to them: ‘I am Portuguese, a true Portuguese.”

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