Jose Mourinho has admitted that he is not treating the FA Cup seriously as he claims that his club have been treated unfavourably by the FA compared to their Premiership rivals Arsenal and Manchester United.

Chelsea face Newcastle in the FA Cup fifth round tie, but Mourinho is furious that the tie has been moved back to Sunday, just 72 hours ahead of their UEFA Champions League encounter with Barcelona.

“The most important trophy we can win is the league –┬áThe Premiership,” Mourinho told As.

“The title is the one we most desire and Roman Abramovich knows this.

“In order to win the Champions League, it is necessary to have some luck, like I had myself in Manchester [last season, when Porto won with an injury time goal].

“And the Cup arrives – we wait for Newcastle. Perhaps we will lose in Newcastle.

“I will go with the second team.

“I do not have supermen.

“I do not respect the FA Cup because in England there is no respect for Chelsea, they don’t value us. We do not get the same rest between games that Manchester and Arsenal enjoy.”