Porto striker Benni McCarthy believes the coach Jose Mourinho will leave the club if the team win the Champions League.

McCarthy also tipped Mourinho for a move to England.

“If Porto advance to the final then I think it’s going to be impossible for Porto to keep Mourinho,’ McCarthy told the BBC.

“Imagine him as a coach with Arsenal, Liverpool, or Chelsea, with a big budget. He would do wonders.”

“Mourinho is already in the books of many, many great clubs,’ the South African striker added.

“He is a trainer with a lot of character and a brilliant man. As a coach he has proved himself at the highest level.

“He has taken to Porto to the semi-finals on a small budget and a small squad.

“Imagine him as a trainer with Arsenal, Liverpool, or Chelsea for that matter, where he would have much more of a budget and more big-named players. He would do wonders with those sorts of big teams.

“It’s going to be a huge loss for Porto if he goes to a big team.”

“His plans are to win the League, the Portuguese Cup – and the sooner the better – and then concentrate on the Champions League.

“Of the four Champions League semi-finalists we are the only team that can still win three competitions. It’s going to be as hard as hell, but we will do our upmost to do that.”