Everton manager David Moyes is worried by the possibility of being paired with rivals Liverpool in Friday’s Champions League third qualifying round draw.

Liverpool, who are seeded, could be drawn against iunseeded Everton in the 3rd qualifying round for this season’s competition.

“I’ve got clear concerns about what might happen,” Moyes said.

“It is wrong that two clubs from the same country – the same city, even – could be drawn against each other.”

After Liverpool’s win over Milan in Istanbul in May, Uefa allowed the Reds to defend their title despite failing to finish in the Premiership’s top four clubs.

Liverpool were seeded at Slavia Prague’s expense but crucially they were not awarded a country status meaning that they could be paired with their neighbours.

“The decision as to who is seeded or not is nothing to do with us. We can’t influence that,” Moyes added.

“But you qualify for the Champions League in order to play teams from another country, not your local rivals.

“There is only one club exposed to the fact that Liverpool have not been granted country protection, and that’s Everton.”

Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard also hopes the clubs don’t meet.

“I’m sure it would be a great occasion if we did draw Everton in the next round but I’m sure if you asked both sides, we’d prefer to avoid each other at this stage,” he said.

“It’d be brilliant to see both clubs in the group stages, but it’d be sod’s law to draw each other on Friday.”