Adrian Mutu’s official presentation as a Juventus player has been postponed due to unforeseen transfer problems.

Juve are unable to register the Romanian international until they free up a place in the squad by selling another non-EU registered player.

To circumvent this issue, fellow Serie A side Livorno have agreed to register the 26-year-old until Juve are able to do so themselves.

“It’s just a favour we made to Juventus, and as an exchange at the end of the season they will give us a few of their young players,” Livorno president Aldo Spinelli told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“We sat round a table and whilst Mutu was signing for Livorno and became our player, we were signing his transfer to Juventus.

“Now it’s up to [Juve supremo Luciano] Moggi, when they have overcome the transfer problem that was blocking him they will register our agreement, everything will be complete in two weeks.”