Napoli have broken the mould with their 2015 calendar. Not for them the safe but dull shots of footballers in action. No, the Serie A outfit have gone to town (that town being Caligula’s decadent Rome circa 1st century AD) for next year’s effort.

The theme appears to be gladitorial, and was perhaps inspired by the film Spartacus, though with the homoerotic sub-text brought to the forefront. For a more update reference, just imagine you’re a guest at one of Silvio Berlusconi bunga bunga parties.

The most safe-for-work image features manager Rafa Benitez, grinning inanely whilst clutching a tactics scroll. An image that seems to signal an acknowledgement from the Spaniard that his days as a serious-minded tactician are well and truly behind him.

One is tempted to ask what the Napoli owner would make of these images but given that the club president is noted film producer, Aurelio De Laurentiis, it’s safe to assume that not only does he approve but he may even have come up with the concept in the first place.

These images are just teasers but already the calendar looks to be the must-have Christmas gift for non-discerning football fans of all ages.