Argentinian club Nueva Chicago will have 20 points deducted next season in addition to suffering a 20-match home ban following a riot at a relegation play-off which resulted in the death of one fan.

The Argentina Football Association (AFA) announced the punishment against the club following an executive committee meeting.

Trouble occurred during Chicago’s match at home to Tigre on June 25 when the visitors, already leading 2-1, were awarded a penalty.

Chicago fans invaded the pitch, the match was abandoned and the trouble continued outside the stadium as rival fans fought with seach other and the police.

The result meant that Chicago were relegated from the first to second division and Tigre were promoted in their place.

Nueva Chicago’s president Antonio Filomeno said the death of a Tigre fan, a 41-year-old man who suffered head injuries occurred as a result of a confrontation with police.

“It has been completely proved that there was not one single Chicago supporter in the place where this person was killed,” he said in a radio interview after Thursday’s ruling.

“It happened outside the stadium and involved Tigre supporters and the police.”

“From the first day, they talked about a 20 or 30 point deduction and didn’t take into account any of the evidence that we produced,” he said.