Amid speculation that Liverpool are interested in signing midfielder Pablo Orbaiz, Athletic Bilbao have hinted that the player is for sale at the right price.

Orbaiz, a versatile midfielder, has been an impressive figure for Athletic over the past couple of seasons.

Liverpool coach Rafa Benitez is known to be looking for a right-sided midfielder and it has been reported that he is interested in signing Orbaiz when the transfer window re-opens in January.

Orbaiz’s buy-out clause stands at some €24 million and an offer in that regin will persuade the club to sell.

“We have only heard the rumours,” stated Athletic president Fernando Lamikiz.

“But the situation is very clear.

“Just as was the case for Del Horno, the player is not for sale, but if a club is prepared to pay what we consider his market price we will be obliged to study their offer.

“The key to any transfer is the size of the fee because our manager would need a good player to replace him.”

Orbaiz admitted he was flattered to be linked with a move to Anfield.

“Liverpool is a great club and it would be a dream, but right now I want to deal in reality,” he stated.