Liverpool ‘s Michael Owen has revealed that he would prefer to be sold this summer than to see out his contract and leave on a free transfer in 2005.

“We’ll sort something out this summer one way or another,” said Owen at the launch of a sponsorship agreement with Umbro.

“We’ve still got to talk about things, but as I stand there are no problems. I’m still here this year and another, so I’m still under contract.

“But I won’t just up and leave on a Bosman. We’ve entered discussions and the first set is about where the club is going. It’s never been about money but I want to win things.

“It looks like we are the favourites for the Champions League place. But I wouldn’t have said at the start of the year that making the Champions League is a great achievement. We had our sights higher than that.

“In that, I’m not talking differently to the manager or Steven Gerrard or other players. I don’t want to settle for fourth. If we get the right result against Newcastle we’ll celebrate it with a drink but that’s not a good season.

“We’ve done some good work over recent years and that’s not gone to waste but we still need to take two steps forward next season.”