Michael Owen admits that he is feeling more at home in Madrid after scoring three goals in his last three matches.

“It was nice to score the three goals and it makes you feel more part of the team,” Owen told a news conference in Madrid.

“I had a difficult start, but I expected that. I still have the language barrier but other than that everything seems to be settling down the way I’d hoped it would.”

The former Liverpool striker scored his first goal after seven appearances for his new club when he grabbed the winner in last week’s 1-0 victory over Dynamo Kiev in the Champions League.

Further goals against Valencia in the Spanish League and Leganes in the Kings Cup have followed.

“I’d like the run to continue,” he added. “But I’d also like the run to continue with the team. We’re winning games now and we’re playing a little bit better step by step, so if my goals can help that then great, but the team is the important thing.”

“I certainly believe I can show more for the team. Just because I’ve scored a few goals it doesn’t mean that you’re playing to the best of your ability so obviously I’d like to keep improving. It’s a massive challenge for me.

“Lots of people doubted what I was doing when I came Â… but hopefully I’ve shown in the last couple of games that I can play football a little bit and I’m feeling very happy about the move. I always knew it would be successful.

“Hopefully there are plenty more years, games and seasons ahead of me so that I can show what a good player I am.”

The England striker also revealed that he had slowly begun learning the Spanish language.

“Estoy mejorando mi Espanyol poquito a poco. (My Spanish is improving bit by bit),” he said.

“By the next time I’m in here (doing a news conference) I’ll make sure I’ve learnt another line for you.”