Deportivo Coruna striker Walter Pandiani has admitted he went too far when he launched a withering verbal attack on coach Javier Irureta last week.

“It wasn’t the right way to say it, but there was no point in complaining a couple of games from the end of the season,” the Uruguayan international told Spanish television.

“The time had come to day something and it was up to someone to make it clear that things weren’t going right.”

Pandiani was critical of Irureta’s working methods.

“Nobody is motivating us. The coach should be leading the way, but he isn’t doing it,” the 28-year-old striker told a local newspaper last week.

The club are expected to take disciplinary action against the striker.

Ironically, his outburst came on the eve of arguably the club’s best display of the season, a 4-1 win over high-flying Espanyol – a performance which Pandiani watched from the substitutes bench.