Manchester City manager Stuart Pearce has confirmed that he will sign his rolling contract next week.

Pearce had been working without a contract since replacing Kevin Keegan just over a year ago, but after negotiations with chairman John Wardle, he has finally decided to put to paper.

“I have never been a big lover of bits of paper,” Pearce said. “Contracts do not mean a lot to me. The chairman’s word means far more.

“To be honest, I have not even had time to read it which is causing a few problems, both in the press and with the Premier League, so I will sign it this week.”

Pearce also revealed there will be no big pay-off should he get sacked, while City would not receive any financial recompense should he quit to take another job.

“I would prefer the money to go to the next manager,” Pearce said, analysing the effects of potential dismissal. “The club got me for nothing so I think I should be allowed to leave for nothing.”

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