Arsenal’s Robert Pires has revealed Patrick Vieira has decided to join Real Madrid.

Arsene Wenger has demanded Vieira clarify his position, but according to Pires, the Arsenal skipper has made up his mind to leave.

“All the players wanted Patrick to stay but he has made a choice and we respect that,” admmitted Pires. “We can all understand why he’s decided to go.”

“His sale will leave a huge void in the middle of our side but we can adapt to a life without his leadership.”

“I’d just wish him all the luck in the world at the Bernabeu.”

Pires’ remarks follow the ultimatum delivered by Wenger, demanding Vieira make a final decision on his plans for the forthcoming season.

“Only he can come out and clarify the situation now, and he needs to do that very quickly,” said Wenger.

“His commitment is not a question mark for me, he has always been outstanding in that.

“But before the start of the season, we want the captain to be focused on what the team wants to achieve.

“I want him to be part of the future of this team, but I want him to be clear in his mind, whether his heart is with us or not.

“My intention is clear, for him to stay and us to keep him. But if he chooses not to stay, then we have to find different solutions. I am positive that we can do well.”