Change of heart from Michel Platini over goal-line technology

UEFA president Michel Platini appears to be softening in his stance towards goal-line technology and now says he is considering introducing it for the 2016 European Championship finals in France.

Platini has previously opposed the use of the technology in football, citing cost and efficiency as two of the chief reasons for his negative stance.

But with FIFA having decided to utilise a goal-line system at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Platini admits he may have to rethink his position.

However, even if he embraces the use of technology, Platini insists that any system would be used in conjunction with his preferred additional assistant referee by each goal.

“In the World Cup they are going to use goal-line technology,” he told AS. “So I am asking myself if goal-line technology should be introduced at Euro 2016, but together with the five officials per game.

“That would allow those officials in the penalty area to focus on the plays in their part of the pitch, on the penalties, the corners, and we would all come out winning.

“Goal-line technology has been accepted by the International Board and I’m obliged to think about it.”

If the idea of utilising goal-line technology and employing additional assistant referees, sounds like a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth, fear not. Four years since they first started appearing behind the goal-lines, we are still awaiting the first meaningful intervention from the extra officials.

Platini, 58, rejected suggestions that his opposition to goal-line technology was due to his age, stating that FIFA president Sepp Blatter (aged 77) was also opposed to its use until England’s Frank Lampard had a goal wrongly ruled out against Germany at the 2010 World Cup.

“It is not a question of age. Blatter is older than me and, after having been against technology for many years, he has suddenly decided to be in favour,” said Platini.

“I was against the introduction of technology but now that it is there, let’s see.”