The captain of a lower league soccer team involved in the German match-fixing scandal, has admittted that he accepted money shortly before a game.

Dutchman Thijs Waterink took €10,000 from an unidentified man shortly before SC Paderborn’s German Cup tie against Hamburg on the understanding he could keep the money if his side won.

“I think this 10,000 euros could be just the tip of the iceberg,” President Wilfried Finke told a news conference.

The first round match on August 21 was refereed by Robert Hoyzer who admitted last week that he had been involved in match-fixing.

First division Hamburg went 2-0 up before losing 4-2 after Hoyzer sent off their striker and awarded regional side Paderborn two controversial penalties.

“I can only explain it as naivety to have accepted this money, possibly also in the particularly stressful situation directly before this Cup game,” Finke said.

Prosecutors said arrest warrants had been issued for three men detained by police on Friday night.