FIFA are to examine the implications of players using communications equipment during football matches.

This follows Genk goalkeeper, Jans Moons admission that he used an ear piece to communicate with his coach during last Friday’s 1-0 win over Club Brugge.

Football’s governing body announced they would investigate such tactics at a meeting next month.

A FIFA spokesman said: “The use of communications equipment on the pitch during a match, such as an ear piece, should be authorised by the International Football Association Board prior to its use.

“Though FIFA has yet to receive any formal enquiries on this topic from its member national associations, the approval of such communications equipment will likely be addressed at the meeting of the IFAB in London on 28 February 2004.”

As long as the equipment used is deemed safe and could not injure a player in any way it seems other clubs and national sides will be given the go ahead to follow Genk’s lead.

The spokesman added: “In terms of equipment which is on the field, Law Four is the first guidance.

“This states that a player should not use equipment that is dangerous to themselves.

“Any equipment that is used on the field of play, such as goggles, must not be dangerous to the player, and whether it is or not is left to the discretion of the referee.”