Policeman shot friend in row over Arsenal-Liverpool match

A policeman has been arrested after allegedly shooting a friend in a row over Saturday’s Premier League match between Arsenal and Liverpool.

The officer is a Liverpool fan and was furious when rival supporters taunted him over his side’s 2-0 defeat.

The incident occurred in Durban, South Africa minutes after the game had finished.

A group of friends were enjoying a barbecue while watching the match but many of them were Manchester United fans who taunted the police captain over the result.

One witness said he then pulled out a gun shouted “Manchester United – who?” and fired a shot.

His friend collapsed to the floor with blood pouring from a wound.

He was taken to hospital with injuries to his lung and liver.

The policeman was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

He later complained of feeling unwell and was admitted to hospital, where he is still under police guard.