Portugal bounced back from their humiliating draw with Liechtenstein in spectacular fashion, thrashing Russia 7-1in a World Cup qualifier on Wednesday.

Winger Cristiano Ronaldo and substitute Armando Petit both scored twice as Russia collapsed in the face of a vibrant attacking performance in the Alvalade Stadium in Lisbon.

“Today we committed few errors. It was one of the better performances,” Portugal coach Luiz Felipe Scolari said.

“We had some good plays during Euro 2004, but today everything was perfect. It was the best!”

Saturday’s draw against Liechtenstein “stimulated the players for tonight’s match”, he added. “In 12 shots, we scored seven goals.”

Brazilian-born playmaker Deco added: “Us, more than anyone, we want to be in the Mundial (World Cup). We do not want to stay at home and watch others play.

“This was a result a little unusual, but I think that we were superior in all of it.”

Meanwhile, Russian coach Georgy Yartsev, who left the bench minutes before the end of the game, said he may resign.

“Upon returning home, I will discuss my future with the president of the federation because it appears obvious that there are some players who have little or no motivation in the Russian squad,” Yartsev said.

“When everything is bad and no player follows directions, it seems like no one wants to continue with Yartsev as coach. But I apologise for the disaster.

“We do not have courage or initiative,” said Yartsev, who abandoned the bench a few minutes before the end of the game.