Portuguese Football Federation chairman Gilberto Madail says national team coach Luiz Felipe Scolari would not agree to become the next England manager before the World Cup.

Madail said Scolari will decide on his future only when his deal with the Portugal team ends in late July. Until then he will not speak to anyone else about a new position.

Madail said: “We have got a gentlemen’s agreement and it will not be broken. I’ve got his word and that’s it.

“I do not believe the reports running in the British press. Scolari is a professional like any other.

“We will only make a decision after the World Cup. July 31 is the right time to talk about this issue.

“Our main concern at the moment is to make our dreams real at the World Cup.”

However, the FA want to announce Eriksson’s successor before this summer’s World Cup finals in Germany and Scolari is believede to be a leading candidate for the post.

“I have a contract with Portugal until 31 July and until this day I am coach of Portugal,” Scolari told BBC Radio Five.

“I don’t think about England. If I think about England, I forget Portugal. That is not my job now, just Portugal.”

Scolari’s agent Acaz Felleger added: “He just needs a good World Cup and after this he might talk about his future.”

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