Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore remains hopeful that the Carlos Tevez saga reaches a swift conclusion.

Manchester United’s attempt to sign Tevez from West Ham United looks set to end in the High Court after the striker’s representative Kia Joorabchian issued a writ against his current club.

Scudamore is admanat that West Ham hold the Argentinian’s registration, despite claims from Joorabchian that he owns Tevez’s economic rights.

“Tevez is currently registered to West Ham United – that’s a matter of fact,” Scudamore told Sky Sports News.

“Yes, I think it’s very common knowledge, of course it is, that Manchester United would like to acquire him.

“It would be for West Ham to work out, along with Manchester United, how that takes place, and that has to be done in some sort of bona fide way in accordance with the rules.

“What’s made this entirely more complicated than normal is the fact there is a dispute, which is now a formal dispute, between the MSI group and West Ham that’s now the subject of a High Court writ.

“In terms of the legal process it will, in some ways, at least adjudicate on some of the rights and wrongs of this saga.

“Clearly, there are separate issues here. There is the relationship that West Ham have with Mr Tevez and his potential move to another club, which, in some ways, is normal Premier League business which we are used to dealing with.

“The complication is this other complication, which is the legal claim. For everybody’s sake we all hope it will be resolved sooner rather than later.

“I think we all want to get back to the preparation for the season in a normal way soon. There is a huge buzz and excitement around the start of the season and the sooner we get to that position the better.”