The Premier League’s chief executive Richard Scudamore has dismissed a report on the state of the game in England, claiming it is the government and not the clubs who should be helping ailing lower division clubs.

Scuadmore was speaking after a government report on soccer finances recommended that the Premier League should increase the amount it gives to the lower leagues.

However, Scudammore dismissed the suggestion and on the issue of funding lower division clubs, he placed the onus firmly on the government.

“We have in this country the lowest (amount) spent on sport and we’re being asked to give away our money by a group of MPs when the government aren’t investing in sport,” Scudamore told reporters.

“The (British) government gives less to sport than other major European countries,” he added.

“The Premier League has always strived to offer a model of redistribution both within the league and outside of it.

“Our structures of redistribution, again the most redistributive of the major European leagues, have provided the basis of 12 years of growth and success maintaining a competitive balance throughout the league, whilst allowing our top clubs to compete with their European counterparts.’