The future of Italy coach Giovanni Trapattoni looks less secure after the head of the Italian Football Federation admitted that he was conducting a thorough investigation into Italy’s 2-1 defeat to Wales on Wednesday.

FA President Franco Carraro gave Trapattoni a public vote of confidence before the match on Wednesday, but his comments since the game suggest that much of that confidence has evaporated.

Acknowledging that qualification for EURO 2004 is no longer a foregoe conclusion, Carraro stated: ‘The Italian FA will examine – with calm and attention – every aspect relating to the activity of the national team to ensure that the squad is in the best possible condition to start the next official match in March 2003 against Finland.’

Trapattoni meanwhile, is adamant that he will not resign.

‘It’s as though you journalists decided to resign after writing three bad articles,’ he told reporters.

‘If we all pull on the same rope we’ll go to Portugal.’