Paris St Germain chairman Pierre Blayau said the French club had been “taken hostage” by rival groups of hooligans who were responsible for the smashing up of a motorway service station on their way back from a match at the weekend.

“I want to state my indignation and my dismay after acts of such gravity, which are not the acts of true supporters but of common law criminals,” he told Reuters.

“The problem is that these people claim to belong to official groups of supporters who can’t control them any more.

“We are in very serious situation which has nothing to do with the club. PSG have been taken hostage.”

Fighting broke out during the first division match in Nantes on Saturday evening.

Police separated two rival PSG groups who clashed again at a service station on the motorway.

“We’ll have to find the means to fight hooliganism. We’ll have to take measures,” Blayau said.

“I want these (supporters’) associations to be banned and broken up. Someone whose picture is taken while doing the Hitler salute is not a fan, he is a lout. He should not be let into a stadium,” he said.

“Our policy is very simple. We want to get rid of the louts in our stadiums. Families should be able to come back to soccer stadiums.”

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