Paris Saint Germain coach Laurent Fournier has asked the club to try to sign Real Madrid midfielder Thomas Gravesen.

The Denmark international recently announced he was staying at Real, but having spent much of the season on the bench, he may be tempted by the possibility of playing more first team football.

“In the midfield we miss a leader, to calm us down, get the ball back, change the pace, etc,” Fournier told L’Equipe.

“In my mind, the midfield leader should have been Vikash (Dhorasoo) and I still believe it, but I am expecting involvement from everyone. We need someone with more physical impact than Vikash Dhorasoo.

“I gave a list with names and Gravesen is on it. I asked for a defensive midfielder and a strong and peaceful forward, but I don’t know if we will have the money.”

Meanwhile, Fournier’s retains a tenuous hold on his post, although he hopes to be given a stay of execution when he meets the club chairman later in the month.

“On December 27, I should meet my chairman,” he added. “He is disappointed by our matches.

“But just considering home matches, we are first with 22 points, like Lyon. Moreover, we are just one point from second in the table.

“On the game level, it is true it is not fantastic, but in a career we just remember the results.

“I have no regrets and I do my best. At the moment, people are not happy with what I am doing. I have understood that.”

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