Real Madrid boss Carlos Queiroz admits he has been surprised at the speed with which David Beckham has adapted to his new life in Spain.

The England captain has become an integral part of Madrid”s starting eleven and has silenced the doubters who questioned the wisdom of him signing for the Spannish champions.

“For the moment he is doing very well. Much better, I must say, than I expected,” the Portuguese coach

told the Financial Times.

“When you move away, it is the food, it is the environment, it is the culture, it is the language on TV, (your) friends. It is really very difficult.

“So the results we have got from David on the field from the practical point of view are much better than I expected.”

Asked whether Beckham would definitely be staying at Real next year, he added: “It is the first time David Beckham is living abroad.

‘It’s too early to come (up) with an opinion and a feeling about that.”

Queiroz also paid tribute to the way Beckham has adapted his game to a new role at Madrid.

“(Beckham) played 16 years as a winger, now he is learning a new job.

“To adapt his own skills to a new (role) after 16 years in one position, it’s amazing what he is doing at the moment.

“Of course, David Beckham is not Patrick Vieira. He will never be.

“Guti (Beckham’s midfield partner) is not Makelele. And I don’t want them to change. But if you want to play central midfield, you need to understand the basic tasks of that position.”