Raul, captain of a Real Madrid side still smarting from the 3-0 thumping suffered in Leverkusen, has attempted to defuse some of the speculation surrounding his poor form.
By Alex Hough

Raul, who was dropped to the bench for Madrid’s 1-0 defeat to Espanyol on Sunday, said his own form was irrelevant provided the team was playing well.

“My intention is to help my team as one more player, whether I play or not is the manager’s decision and I’m fine with that. I receive no special treatment,” he said.

Before scoring from the penalty sport against Scotland two weeks ago, Raul’s last goal had come in months earlier in January.

“As one more player, it will annoy the manager if you in the press only talk of one player,” the striker added.

“One has to be professional and I am, what I’m doing is training to be in the best possible form. If I had an injury or a problem, I would say something, but I don’t, I’m well and committed to my team and the club as a whole to do what they want.”

The Merengues club captain reassured his commitment to the team, adding: “At best, I can say things aren’t going as I wanted, but the important thing is the team.

“I’m not anxious not having scored the goals, but what I am anxious about is that the team isn’t playing well. I look more to the team than me personally.”