Real Madrid boss Mariano Garcia Remon was pleased with his team’s display during the 1-0 win over Valencia on Saturday.

Remon has seen his side struggle in recent weeks, but two back-to-back wins over the past five days have given the club a boost

“In the first half, we played very well and created a lot of opportunities,” he stated.

“Later on, we were under pressure, but my players have shown that when they have to defend, they can.

“When it is necessary, these players work extremely hard for the team.”

On Ronaldo’s reaction to being substituted during the second half, Remon confirmed that the Brazilian was unhappy to have been replaced.

“It is normal that when you change someone he will be angry, but I have spoken to him afterwards and there is no problem,” he explained.

“He was tired and I chose to switch him. Besides, he had worked very hard and needed a rest.”

Remon had words of praise for Michael Owen, who scored his second match-winning goal in the space of week.

“He needed to wait for the right time and in these two games, he has scored the vital goals,” Remon added.

“His work with and without the ball was crucial.”