Real Madrid’s new president Fernando Martin says he is less concerned with the the future of Brazilian striker Ronaldo than he is with Wednesday’s Champions League clash against Arsenal.

“I’m not bothered whether or not Ronaldo plays, all I want to do is to win,” Martin told Marca.

“You have to give people your confidence and understanding, but when they don’t do what they are supposed to then you have to leave them out. If you don’t solve problems then thinks turn rotten.”

Ronaldo has been in disappointing form for Real this season and hinted that he may leave at the end of the present season. He did not even make the bench for the weekend game against Atletico Madrid, although he has been recalled to the squad for Wednesday’s game at Highbury.

Martin remains confident that the team could beat Arsenal after a 1-0 defeat in the first leg at the Bernabeu.

“The team are going to go all out against Arsenal,” he added. “The fans should have no doubt that we will do everything that is humanly possible to win. And if we do win we will turn the whole season round.”

Martin also criticised the efforts of his predecessor Florentino Perez’s, who, he argued, put too much onus on the finanical prosperity of the club at the expense of success on the pitch.

“We have to reflect deeply on the state of the club,” he said. “We have to balance a lot of interests, but sporting matters need to take precedence over its finances.

“No players should be guaranteed a place in the team. Players won’t be coming to this club to retire in the future.

“The more humble a club is the greater it becomes,” he added.

“If the players give everything and sweat for the shirt they are wearing then the victories will come because our players have more quality than the rest.”

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