Real Madrid’s Bernabeu stadium was again the centre of a race row on Tuesday, with a section of the crowd seen making Nazi salutes at Bayer Leverkusen’s players.

Real came from behind to earn a 1-1 draw against Bayer, but are still far from certain to qualify from the group stage of the UEFA Champions League.

However, much of the attention after the game was focused on the crowd, with several people seen hurling racist abuse at Bayer’s Roque Junior.

But unlike last week’s incidents, which were widespread, the problem last night was confined to a section of the crowd.

The rest of the crowd made clear its disapproval by whistling loudly and the abuse eventually subsided.

The footage comes less than a week after racist chants in England’s match against Spain in the same stadium dominated the headlines.

Uefa could now take action if the referee or its delegate reports last night’s events. It could also examine television footage.

“The punishment will depend on the gravity of the matter,” said Uefa spokesman William Gaillard.

“It could range from making the team play away or behind closed doors, to even the exclusion of the team.”

He added: “For an issue of violence recently Roma had two games behind away from their stadium.

“Fines were issued last week for incidents in the Sparta Prague and Seville games. We will see what is in the report from Madrid.”

“The Slovakia team were made to play one game at a different location after racist chanting against England a couple of years ago.

“There is no standard punishment for a particular type of offence.

“It depends on what is reported, previous cases and we can also look at other evidence on video.

“The referees’ report and the match delegate’s report will be lodged 48 hours after the match.

“If there is any report of racist chanting then it will be referred to the Uefa Control and Disciplinary Body.”