Fans attack players cars

Nine cars belonging to Red Star Belgrade players had their windows smashed and shampoo bottles hurled inside in a protest by fans against the team’s poor results.

The players were in a meeting with new coach Cedomir Janevski at Belgrade’s Marakana stadium, when the group managed to break their way into the car park, where they damaged at least twenty cars.

Guards, present at the car park, reportedly were overwhelmed by the thirty or so hooligans.

The incident came a day after the players issued an open letter claiming Serbia’s most popular club is facing an ”alarming” financial situation amid feuding within its leadership.

The players said they have to train on poorly maintained fields in the largest stadium in the Balkans, and they even lack shampoo in the dressing room.

Red Star, who won the European Cup in 1991, owe millions of pounds to players, coaches and creditors and for years have suffered poor results. The fans blame the players.