Arsenal’s Champions League game against PSV Eindhoven could be abandoned if there is a repeat of the racist abuse that marred England’s friendly against Spain.

Referee Herbert Fandel said he would be prepared to abandon Wednesday’s game if there is any racist abuse of the players.

“Racism cannot be tolerated in football and maybe a last resort is to stop the game,” said Fandel.

“I’ve read about what happened (in Spain) and Sepp Blatter’s comments.

“We all have to stick together on this issue – Fifa and the referees’ organisations have to be together.”

Arsenal’s players have been the subject of racist abuse from the PSV supporters in previous European encounters.

Two years ago, the Dutch club were fined £15,000 after Arsenal’s black players suffered a barrage of abuse from the home supporters.

Under Uefa regulations, referees have the power to stop any match involving racial abuse of the players,

A Uefa spokesman said: “Our rules have always given referees power to stop a game if it was felt the abuse exceeded acceptable levels.”