Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard believes his side will do most of the attacking in the final of the UEFA Champions League.

The Spanish side meet Arsenal in Paris on Wednesday and Rijkaard believes the Premiership outfit will be happy to play on the counter attack.

“People may say Wenger has the greater headache in preparing for the final, but I don’t agree,” Rijkaard said.

“It will be easier for Arsenal than for us. They will wait to hit us on the counter attack, and will look for their options this way.

“We are the team that will take more risks by playing in the opposition’s half. Arsenal will play in their own half and wait for us to make a mistake.

“It will be much easier for Wenger than me.”

Meanwhile, the Barca coach has played down the fact that his team go into the match as favourites.

“If we believe we are, it will complicate matters for us. The players are all clear in their minds about what they can do,” he added.

“My players are in phenomenal shape. They are highly prepared and focused.”